April 29, 2008


We just found out our new little grandchild is a boy. His name is Cash Oliver Bailey. We are so excited. Now we will have 3 boys to prepare for missions. Congratulations Brad and Karrissa we love you. Mom and Dad

April 27, 2008


We are back from Bulgaria. We had a wonderful two day conference with 20 other Humanitarian Service couples from all over Eastern Europe. It was a great trip. We met some wonderful people. It was two days of talks and presentations. We have returned rested and ready to go to work. Tomorrow is District Meeting with the missionaries at our house. It has been raining all day so I made Chili to have when our meeting is over. We met with the Branch President today to discuss teaching classes on "Strengthening the Family" to members of the branch. He said we were an answer to his prayer. He has been fasting and praying to know how to strengthen the members in the branch and he felt like this would really be good for our branch members. So Bruce and I will be teaching lessons along with the other couple in our Mission, the Clark's once a week to members in the branch. We are really looking forward to this. Today was Easter in Ukraine so Olga says that most of the week organizations will be on "holiday." So we will have to see how much we can accomplish this week. We returned home to find the Internet off on our other computer, which is the one with Skype and Windows so I won't be able to phone anyone until that is up again and with the holiday it could be awhile. Happy Birthday Monroe and Maverick. Nana and Papa love you SO much.

April 14, 2008


This week found us traveling down a different road. We were back in Donetsk visiting organizations. This is Bruce following Olga (our interpretor) and a man we met on the bus who offered to help us find the Kindergarten we were looking for. He was leading us down this road where we passed 2 men searching through the garbage cans for food and a poor injured dog with a lame foot, then through all these apartment buildings. We passed one open doorway where a woman was sitting on the floor the man smiled and waved as we passed. He told Olga it was his apartment and that was his mother. This was one of those moments as I stopped to take this picture when I found myself thinking, "it is strange what we have become accustomed to." We had just traveled by the bus transferred from the bus to a marshooka, met this man who got off the bus with us and led us down this road, the men rummaging through the trash, the injured dog, the holes in the road, trash on the ground, just felt so "normal". As I walked behind Bruce and caught a glimpse of how out of place he looked in his suit I just had to have a picture of it.
Once we arrived at the school our new friend said goodbye and went on his way. Well, I have to take back what I said about Donetsk. There are some nice friendly people in Donetsk too. Like I said before it is all in your attitude.

April 8, 2008


Bruce and I just returned from our trip to Kieve. All I can say is my first thought was, "We're not in Kansas anymore Toto." One of the first things we noticed was people speaking English. As we left the airport we saw signs that were translated into English. I know this doesn't seem like such a big deal but for me it was huge. I have started feeling like I am always on the outside looking in. The language barrier has really felt like a handicap for me. So it was so great to be able to go into a store and know that someone would be able to communicate with you. One lady even told Sister Lee, "if you come back to my shop I can practice my English and I will speak better." I know if I met someone in Donetsk that told me that I'd have a new instant friend. The other huge difference was that the people seemed friendlier. They were actually looking at you when you approached or talking to one another on the buses. The couple we went to visit(The Lee's) live in a very beautiful area. They told us Kieve is considered a city inside a park. They live right across from a huge park with many war monuments and very well groomed walking paths. The other amazing thing was on the weekend one of the main streets is closed off to traffic and becomes quite a busy place. There were street performers, musicians, break dancers, and artist. It felt so much like the streets of San Francisco. So for 4 or 5 days we walked in beautiful parks, we ate wonderful food prepared by Elder and Sister Lee, we toured museums and Provoslavic Temples with the Lee's and another Humanitarian Couple from the Dneproprotrisk Mission, the Cudney's. We finished up the week with a fantastic two-day training that Sister Lee presented to a group of Social Workers on "Strengthening Families." We are happy to say we have returned to Donetsk safe and sound. We loved our visit to Kieve. There were so many things about it that made it such an enjoyable stay not to mention the great hospitality of the Lee's. It would be easy for us to focus on all the things that Kieve offers that Donetsk doesn't have but what would we gain from that. I think this is just one more opportunity to be grateful. This may be another chance to once again live in today. Someone once said, "you are only as happy as you make up your mind to be." The Lord sent us here to Donetsk and we will do all we can to do his work here and to find joy in doing it.

Saints in Ukraine (put music on pause)

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Armenia Trip

Our last Zone Conference

Some of the faces we will miss

Our trip to Mariupol

March Zone Conference in Donetsk(click on photo to view a larger version)

Missionaries helping the International Relief Development unload a container from America

Health Fair click on the photo to see what is coming up

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Sometimes we forget what divine gifts we have been given. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Look at the fun equipment we got to deliver to this internat for Special Needs children

Europe East Area District Meeting


OUR APARTMENT (this is not an average missionary apartment)




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