November 9, 2007


We are here and doing great. We have had so much fun.
On Wednesday a whole new group of missionaries arrived and this is what it looked like
boxes of Kleenex everywhereand rows and rows of suitcases There were suitcases everywhere
The first family I saw walk in with their son on their arms, (mom, dad, and brothers and sisters) I understood why there were so many boxes of Kleenex everywhere

Bruce and I arrived at the Missionary Training Center last Sunday evening 11/4/07. It is now Friday night and this is the first chance I've had to write. I'm not sure how many of you want to be included in my group e-mails. If you are not interested in receiving periodic updates from us please let me know. Unfortunately, because we will be so busy it may be the only way I can write most of you. We have had a wonderful week filled with many spiritual experiences. We are in a group of about 35 couples who are going all over the world. I will name a few of the places I can remember, Guam, Africa, Easter Island, Egypt, Moscow, Several couples are going to Mexico, Costa Rica, The Caribbean, Australia, one couple is going to San Diego. They will be serving all different kinds of missions from, working in Temples, and visitors centers, to preaching the gospel, providing Humanitarian Aide, and working in church offices. I have heard some amazing stories about how people decided to go on missions and how they feel about where they will serve. This Wednesday about 400 young men and women arrived to begin their training. Our language teacher said that there are currently about 700-800 young missionaries serving in Eastern Europe. Most of our instructors here are returned missionaries between 21-27 years old. All of them have said how much they loved the Senior Missionaries that they served with. It is reassuring to know that we will have an opportunity to work with them. I know I will miss my own children and the missionaries excitement and enthusiasm for Heavenly Father's work is contagious. We started our week off with a very spiritual devotional that began with about 500 young missionaries and 75 Senior Missionaries singing "called to serve", which for those of you that aren't members of the church is a very powerful song about missionary work. I found myself feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of representing Heavenly Father in Ukraine. I found myself questioning, who am I, and what can I do? What if I can't do what the Lord has asked me to do.By the time the meeting was over I had a very strong feeling in my heart that told me I am right where Heavenly Father wants me to be. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ that burns in my soul and I need to share it. It's as simple as that. I have had many more spiritual experiences all week that have reminded me of my purpose on earth and Heavenly Father's plan of Happiness for all of us. We spent most of the week, studying the scriptures and the Missionary discussions. We had an opportunity to practice teaching missionary lessons to members of the church who came to the MTC so that we could role play with them. Bruce has been such a great companion. He is a wonderful teacher and is able to share personal experiences that we have had that have helped us be happier as a family. Bruce and I won't be going out knocking on doors like the young Elders do but we may be asked to join them on a visit with a less active member or to teach in church so this week's training will be helpful. Next week we will be learning more about the church's Welfare Program and Humanitarian Efforts worldwide. Some of the couples will leave for their missions next week. We don't leave here until 11/21. We are attending Language training but it is very hard to learn Russian. Praying for divine intervention.

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Saints in Ukraine (put music on pause)

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Missionaries helping the International Relief Development unload a container from America

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Sometimes we forget what divine gifts we have been given. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Look at the fun equipment we got to deliver to this internat for Special Needs children

Europe East Area District Meeting


OUR APARTMENT (this is not an average missionary apartment)




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