July 23, 2008


 March 11, 2008
Today we went to a school for the blind. It was registered in 2005. They have 2 very small classrooms for blind students. Each classroom is used by 4 students at a time. The students rotate throughout the day. They have a total of 24 students. However, they also work with older clients as well. Some of the students receive instruction in the home. I remember reading about this organization in a journal another Humanitarian Couple kept. I was so impressed with the Principal Anatoliy and how much he has accomplished in just a few years. We met one of their students who is entering the University soon. We also met about 4 or 5 women who we were told were all retired teachers who volunteer their services. Anatoliy really wants to teach people how to function as productive members of the society. He wants them to become educated to do more than just “menial work” He said he would like to see them be able to enter professional careers and be treated like "normal" people. He asked the Church for a computer to assist with teaching their students. He would also like to send some of the children to a Summer Camp so he is trying to find Sponsors to send his students to camp. It seems to be very common for children in Ukraine to go to camp during the summer. Many of the organizations we visit are looking for sponsors to help send children to camp. The unique thing about this request is most of these children would not have this opportunity because of their visual impairments. His goal is to give them the same opportunities as "normal" children. We then visited a shelter for young adults 18-23 who were raised in orphanages and now have nowhere to go to live or learn job skills. They are housing these young adults as well as trying to provide support in finding jobs. They only stay at this shelter until they find a job. Their goal is to try to find jobs that provide housing. Olga said these are usually unskilled factory jobs, they use to have dormitories for Mine workers but she said it is so dangerous nobody wants to work there. We found this place on our own and the lady was so surprised we were offering help without anyone asking. It is kind of a strange concept isn't it. I want all of you at home to know that this is one of those organizations who would benefit from the HYGIENE KITS, BLANKETS AND BEDDING AS WELL AS CLOTHING DONATIONS THAT COME FROM AMERICA. All these young people were abandoned at birth and lived in orphanages their whole lives. Can you imagine how special it would be to have a homemade quilt? Keep up the work sisters I am so proud to represent our Relief Society. Today, Anatoliy told us there would be a "special reward in Heaven" for people like us for doing this work and I want you to know that I am just the messenger your love comes through to them in these blankets and hygiene kits.
Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you. It was a good day.One more day of being very thankful for Olga and these wonderful people who dedicate their lives to making other peoples lives better.

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Jane said...

What do you do after you have found a need? You mentioned the humanitarian kits, do you contact the church to get some sent? You mentioned other needs they have, do you have to get things cleared with the mission president or do you just work with the locals to fill some of their other needs? What is the procedure?

Grandma Labrum said...

I linked onto your blog and was very touched by your post about finding your missionary. My husband baptised a young man while in California. Sean continued growing in the church and served a mission. When he got married he asked my husband to attend the temple where he was invited to sit next to him because he had no other family. That young man is now a bishop and has sent his son on a mission. The gospel is wonderful! Where else can you find such joy? Seeing you holding that premature baby brought back memories of my grandson, who is thriving because of love, and the priesthood. Thank you for sacrificing and helping spread the gospel.

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