July 23, 2008

Today we went to a hospital that asked for some assistance to purchase some wheelchairs. When we arrived we had a meeting with a Surgeon who does Surgery on patients with decubitis ulcers(bed sores). He said they have many patients who develop decubitis because they are bedridden or wheelchair bound and when a bed sore develops "nobody knows how to treat it" and it becomes infected. We met with the doctor for about an hour.

The first thing I want to say is this..........


(Olga told us teachers make about $160.00 a month).

We learn things here everyday that are so hard to comprehend.
As we toured the hospital once again, I was so sad to see the condition of the equipment they use or the lack of equipment. We went to the floor that this doctor works on. It is where patients go who are recovering after surgery on their decubitis. They usually stay in this department a few months. We met one young who was probably under 30 we found lying flat on his stomach with nothing for entertainment. There were no T.V's, or VCR's in the room, absolutely nothing. He had placed a mirror on the head board so that he could see what was going on behind him. When we spoke with him we discovered he had been lying this way for 4 months. The doctor said they don't allow the family to stay because the doctors have to visit patients 3 or 4 times a day.

You must know what I am thinking about now. ........

Did I just hear him say no family?

I never stop being amazed at what goes on here.

When I worked in the hospital the family was such a support to the patients as well as the nurses.

So what if the doctors need to see the patients. At home the patient and his family see the doctor.

What did he just say????????

I bit my lip and went on with the tour.

The hospital requested 4 or 5 wheelchairs that would allow the patients who must stay on their stomach's an opportunity to go outdoors or at least leave their rooms. They told us they only have one now for all of their patients to use. After a little bit of searching we found this young man using the wheelchair to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. We stopped to ask if we could take a picture and to visit for a few minutes. I was so touched. He had a beautiful smile and was so sweet. He is 24 years old. He was injured in a fall 7 years ago and has been in and out of the hospital many times since because of bed sores. The doctor told us they had to bring him back from "Hell" twice. He does not have the use of his legs anymore. The doctor said he had such bad infection that they should have removed his legs but didn't want to because he is so young. I can't imagine how hard that would be at such a young age to be left without the use of your legs. I know that this young man will not have the opportunities young men in America have to attend college and eventually have a career. This country has just not recognized anyone who is handicapped in any way. They can't even get around the streets in a wheelchair not to mention public transportation.

I have mentioned this before but I want to share it again. When people are born with any disability they are sent away to an "internat" to live. These facilities are usually outside town so that no one has to see them and be reminded that the even exist. Bruce and I walk the streets everyday and we very seldom see anyone with a physical or mental disability.

So once again, I am grateful to be an American. I am grateful for the Americans with Disabilities Act that assures humane, fair treatment to people who are born with special needs. I am grateful that I live in a Country where we aren't afraid to work with, or to be friends or neighbors with someone who may look or act different then we do. I am grateful for our freedoms to choose how to raise our children with special needs and for all the wonderful programs we have to support families who are raising children with special needs. I am so proud of all of my friends who have fought for the rights of their special needs children. I am grateful to my friends, both mommies and therapist who have dedicated their lives to enriching the lives of their special needs children. I am so proud to call you my friends.
Tonight I am filled with gratitude for all the blessings that come with being born in the United States of America. God bless the USA.

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