November 15, 2008


Our trip to Bulgaria was wonderfulthe weather was great

we saw some beautiful sights

ate some really good food

strolled through the parks where we saw several groups of older men huddled around these chess tables

saw some gorgeous buildings

Made some new friends

Elder Jorgensen, Elder and Sister Pattee, and Sister Jorgensen

President Bennet and the Pattee's

saw beautiful churches

and cultural halls

We left Donetsk last Tuesday to fly to Bulgaria to renew our Visa's. We were met at the airport by th Jorgensen's who are the Humanitarian Couple in Bulgaria. They took us to a very nice two bedroom apartment that is a permanent rental for the missionaries who need to come to Bulgaria for visa renewals. The next day they met us and took us to the mission home along with another couple (The Pattee's) who were there from Dneperpetrosk renewing their visas. Two of the younger missionaries then drove us to the Ukrainian Embassy where we left our visa's and went to the bank to get the Cash required to renew the visa's. It only took a few hours to complete and then the missionaries took us to a very nice restaurant for lunch. That evening we went out for Pizza with the Pattee's and the Jorgensen's. The next day we took a little time to just relax in the morning and then we met the Pattee's and the Jorgensen's for a little sightseeing. We had a nice dinner and then went to the Jorgenson's to just visit and have dessert. It was such a nice relaxing trip. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the Jorgensen's were wonderful host. Bulgaria has beautiful parks with quaint little street cafe's and some beautiful architecture and statues. The younger missionaries were also very kind and helpful. The morning we left President Bennet came out to say good-bye. He had been very busy during our visit with interviews and zone conferences so we only saw him briefly but we know he was responsible for such wonderful care that we were given while visiting his mission and really appreciate it.

6 messages from friends and family:

LisAway said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a little, well deserved vacation!! Those are some beautiful buildings! It's nice you get to travel outside Ukraine and experience some other countries as well!

Mother Goose said...

i love coming to your blog! it is such a haven and a new experience every time. I can not wait until dh and I can serve a mission too!!

dixiewhitehead said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Good for you! So glad the weather welcomed you too.

Do you feel renewed, in a way? I know you get spiritually renewed each week in Ukraine, but maybe physically renewed? What a nice experience.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

I love your blog.. I found it through one of your comments on crazy lady at road 80 - Jans blog

I have a health degree and would love love love one day to serve a humanitarian mission with my husband..

keep blogging

Bobbie in Australia

Jane Anne said...

Elder Woodhead has said that it's kind of random who has to go after a year to renew their visa. Is that correct or do they all have to?

Messy Jess said...

Our best friends are serving a senior mission in Salt Lake City at the Geneology building. I really admire what you are doing. What an exciting time of your life!

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