April 19, 2009


Walking home from the Store the other day

It struck me........

there are changes ahead

spring is coming
the trees are sprouting new growth
It doesn't seem like it was that long ago........

That this little grove of trees was covered in snow

Where once all we could see was brown trees covered in snow
we are beginning to see signs of change ahead. We were talking the other day about how much more aware we have been of the change of the seasons in Ukraine.
Winter is hard here.
This is our second winter in Ukraine
this year has been easier
Having experienced our first winter in Ukraine we learned an important lesson about life
It is easier to get through the difficult times when we know what is ahead
it has been easier to endure the long winter knowing that soon we would see the sun again.
That soon.........................
the the good citizens of Ukraine would be out
sweeping and repaving the streets,
cleaning up trash,
planting flowers,
planting grass seed
and one day we would once again
stroll through the beautiful park
with flowers in bloom,
and see couples in love
The park would be filled with
brides on their wedding day and
children at play
and there would be a transformation..................
Spring would bring with it the promise of better days
I know that now,
I know that the snow will melt,
the rain will stop,
the muddy streets will dry up,
the days will get longer,
the sun will shine,
and the trees will blossom again
and that has made it so much easier to endure the long winter days
sometimes life is like that
when we are in the midst of pain or struggles
we can't see what is ahead
sometimes all we see is the long dark winter
and we can't even imagine that we will ever be happy again.
This journey to Ukraine has taught me that even when we are in the darkest moment
of our lives
up ahead is something better................
we won't always know what it is...............
or when it will come...........
but spring always comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one day..............
the rain will stop
the sun will shine
and our lives will be filled with the promise of a brigher day
That is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us
The promise that one day
we will be free of the challenges we have faced on this earth,
the unfulfilled dreams,
the heartaches,
the Physical Ailments
If we can just hang on
If we can hold on to the hope of a brighter day
and stay close to our Heavenly Father through prayer and scripture study
If we just keep living our lives believing that one day the light will come,
one day we will smile again, one day our world will be brighter
He will not forsake us
we see his miracles everyday in the lives of people around us
as they receive comfort and strength to endure incredible trials
He will bring us the balm that we need to endure
and one day
we will have an eternal life filled with joy .....
that is what life in Ukraine taught me..............

4 messages from friends and family:

Carol said...

Beautiful message Sister Kinghorn! How sad the people of Ukraine will be to see you leave, but you will surely not be forgotten! Carol Sorensen

dixiewhitehead said...

You have a wonderful insight into life. Thanks for sharing your testimony with us.

I can't believe only 2 more weeks!!! Remember to write your homecoming date, place and time in case some of us can go.

Pancake said...

What greta lesson you have learned! WOW girl you are down to days before you get home and hold those grandbabies and kids!!! I imagine a part of your heart will always be there....

Anonymous said...

Just lovely!
Happy spring!

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