July 15, 2008


Last night as I was lying in bed wide awake after several hours of tossing and turning, I found myself thinking,

"I shouldn't really believe people when they say things like, "Oh you won't really need the air conditioner it stays really cool in here", or "you won't need an air conditioner in your bedroom, the one in the living room cools the whole house."

I don't know maybe it's just me....
but I like to be comfortable when I fall asleep.

It helps if your clothes aren't sticking to you and you don't feel like your body is heating up from the inside out.

Sister Clark, this is her with the fan in front of her face was telling me that she has been experiencing extreme heat surges ( you know the ones that come with hormonal changes) for 10 years now.

"Oh", I say, "that's not so bad, I only have to put up with this for 9 1/2 more years."

So, I just went out and bought myself these cute fans. I figured I can use them at church the next time someone decides to close all the windows except one when it is 110 degrees inside.

You see we are having a little problem regulating the temperature in the church building.

Remember I told you about SWASNIK..................
well, we definitely don't want to create a draft or any kind of circulating air that might pass over.

So we have kind of started an AIR war with the members on Sundays.

The Missionaries arrive come in......open all the windows ..............turn the ceiling fans on high.......
and the Members come in...close all the windows except maybe one or two that are cracked open at the top and either turn off the ceiling fans or turn them very low so as not to create a breeze.

Members one, Missionaries zero..........................

Sister Clark and I were excited to find a few portable fans last week stashed in a pile of forgotten things in a classroom. We put them out in a conspicuous place hoping on Sunday we might be able to sit by them and actually feel some air movement.

Needless to say, we never saw them again.......

So for now we have to rely on these handheld fans and remember we are the guest here.

3 messages from friends and family:

Jan Myers said...

Hi! I'm so glad you found our blog! Now I'm going to read every word of yours. It's a great blog! It's great to be in touch with other missionaries. Who knows...maybe we won't end up in West Indies but in Ukraine! We open to wherever the Lord wants us to go. If not on this mission, then maybe on our next one. Please stay in touch! Jan

Jane said...

I totally get the money thing, and especially the filtering information thing. That's pretty funny.

We've been traveling this last week to Ohio to see our daughter and also to Washington D.C. so we've been dealing with a bit of humidity too as well as some funny "finding yourself in new situation" experiences which are definitely going on the blog when I get home.

Carol said...

Hi Sister Kinghorn,
I felt your pain over the heat while reading this entry! It was 110 in Sacramento last week. But I keep my air set at 74! Elder Sorensen has been home for 3 weeks and is doing well. We have loved hearing about Ukraine from him. He misses his mission a lot, but he loves sleeping in and spending lots of time on the computer! He heads to BYU in four weeks. Thanks for keeping your blog so up to date -- I love to read it often even if I don't take the time to comment every time. Thanks again for the great work you and your hubby are doing.
Carol Sorensen

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