September 16, 2008


This is Elder Williams, he is the newest member of our District and just arrived in Ukraine during the last transfer, I think he likes the popcorn mix.

These two Elders are the Zone Leaders. This was taken of Elder Hunt and Elder Crossley during their apartment inspection. Elder Crossley doesn't look very happy does he. Trust me they passed the inspection with flying colors.
Elders Crossley and Oldroyd

My first attempt at making rolls

This is our District before the last transfer, Elder Bassett is back in America now, and Elder Summerhays went to another District. Now we have Elder Crossley and Elder Williams in their places.
Since one of the things we enjoy the most about our mission is the time we get to spend with the younger missionaries I would like to write a little about District meetings. Once a week we have a meeting at our house with 3 other companionship's (sets of missionaries). I have been so impressed with how prepared they come for our meeting. One of the missionaries, right now it is Elder Oldroyd, is the facilitator. He assigns someone to give; a prayer, we sing a song, someone gives a spiritual thought,someone teaches a language lesson, and a lesson from the missionary manual, Preach My Gospel, and someone does a quiz about the Book of Mormon. The meeting usually last about two hours. Elder Kinghorn and I usually have an assignment as well. Elder Kinghorn likes to give them a crossword puzzle with questions about the church. If they take it home and complete it they get a giant snickers bar (everyone always completes it). I often share stories about our Humanitarian Work. We finish the day with a nice hot lunch. I have mentioned before I didn't do alot of cooking when we were at home. Last week Elder Crossley asked if I always cooked like this at home. I had to laugh and I know my kids would too. I was always so busy to really enjoy cooking but now I am really liking it. I made rolls for the very first time last week. I think they turned out pretty good. So I have included a few pictures from District meeting. I love these missionaries and am so glad they invited us to join their meetings. I always joke that we were invited because of the snickers bars, good hot food, and yummy snacks during the meeting. Then again, it could be the brownies, or banana bread they have for dessert. Don't worry I make sure they get some vegetables and fruit when they first arrive. We start the meeting with cut up apples, and cucumbers, and maybe a plate of cookies or crackers.

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LaDawn said...

Dear Kinghorns',
Thanks so much for that informative, inspiring and delightful information on your blog. We learned alot and we're serving in the same mission. You do a great job with letting us feel what it is like to serve and I am sure will inspire others. Have a wonderful day! Thanks again. Love, Sister and Elder Jacob

Saints in Ukraine (put music on pause)

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Sometimes we forget what divine gifts we have been given. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


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