September 16, 2008


  Today while we were grocery shopping I was thinking about how strange our first trips to the grocery store were. I had no idea what most of the items were. IT IS A LITTLE DIFFICULT IF YOU CAN'T READ OR UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE. All of the red sauces in the jars looked the same. I thought this bag with the chicken being dipped in red sauce was barbeque sauce but it tasted like salsa ketchup. The milk comes in boxes and can sit on the shelves without refrigeration FOR EVER. or it comes in a bag like this mayonaise. You can also buy yougurt in a bag like this too. The little blue box is feta cheese. The tub is jelly. Juice comes in a big box. (the blue box in the back with cherries on it). It looks like a giant juice box like the kids put in their lunches. The little blue triangle shaped containers are tomato paste. I'm still not sure what the other jars of red sauces are, I have to do a little experimenting.

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Hizzeather said...

This makes me laugh...I've been there! I wish I could pop over and help you shop. My only advice would be to learn the alphabet and just sound out the words. A lot of them sound like english. That one bottle that says барбекю...if you sound it out, it says barbecue. :)

Good luck!

Michelle Chidester said...

Sister Kinghorn!!! These pictures brought back so many memories. You are probably professional now at cooking dinners for all of the missionaries. Oh how I wish I could come back and visit you and Elder Kinghorn!! :)

dixiewhitehead said...

Yes, I did wonder what it was like shopping at the grocery store. I understand that the products are written in Ukrainian, not Russian which makes it even a little more difficult to decipher. The pictures were very interesting and informative. Thanks so much for sharing.

The elders are very blessed to be well fed spiritually and deliciously by the Kinghorns.

Mary Ann said...

Berry, Berry interesting. Scared me a little! There is so much I don't think about in terms of everything serving a mission courage, expermintation and a sense of humor!

Jane Anne said...

This is very interesting. It didn't ever occur to me how something like grocery shopping could be so difficutl. The missionaries are very blessed to have you there. What a treat for them to have you cooking!

Jen said...

I stumbled upon your blog thinking it was someone else. I served in Siberia, Russia with an Elder Kinghorn but I am so glad that I did!!! It made me remember all of the yummy food I ate in Russia. My name is Jen and I hope you don't mind that I will be visiting every now and then to see how the church is doing over there. Savor every second, it goes by so quickly doesn't it? =)

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