October 3, 2008


Now that you have seen what our apartment looks like I think I need to clarify one thing. This is definitely not the type of apartment the younger missionaries live in. I am assuming most of you parents who read my blog are curious about what your son or daughters apartment looks like. So I have put together a few pictures for you. First of all you should know, the Senior Couples pay for their own housing. We needed a two bedroom apartment because we use our apartment as our office. We were fortunate enough to find a newly renovated apartment. So we have all new wall coverings, kitchen appliances, floor coverings and furniture. This is not the case with the younger missionaries apartments. The missionaries apartment cost half as much as our apartment. You will see from the photos that they have older furniture and appliances. Sometimes very old appliances. They are lucky to have microwave ovens. Sister Lee tells me that the missionaries in Kieve do not have microwaves. The people who own the apartments are suppose to supply them with dishes, bedding, utensils, and other basic necessities. They just have their own ideas about what basic necessities are. Most of the apartments have wall radiators for heat which doesn't get turned on until October 15th. You will notice some of the bedrooms have fans, that is because there are no air conditioners. The mission home has one, and our apartment has a small one in the living room, and I think the Clark's do too. Some apartments come with washing machines but no dryers. We all hang our clothes to dry. The mission home has a dryer but it takes forever to dry so Sister Fry usually just hangs her clothes on a rack like the rest of us. Most of the bathtubs do not have shower curtains. You can't even buy one because there are no rods in the bathrooms. You usually have to sit in the tub with a hand held shower head. It can be a bit messy. Most of the missionaries are use to facets that leak, light switches that have burned out, water that randomly gets shut off for a few days or a week at a time, windows with no screens, and double locks on their doors. The landlords often leave very interesting nic nacs in the open shelves in the living rooms. They almost always have a display of shot glasses or cocktail glasses and some very interesting glass sculptures. The wallpaper and floor coverings look nothing like they are use to seeing at home. We all have water filters in our apartments and when we do apartment inspections we make sure they are changing the filters according to the schedule that they have posted in their kitchens. In general they do a good job keeping their apartments clean. A few times we have had to ask them to get rid of some of the old clothing and nic nacs that have been left behind from missionaries who have gone home. Speaking of things left behind, I want to thank Elder Kovean if you are reading this we inherited your crock pot and I use it almost every week for District Meetings. So thanks so much and tell your mom thanks.

One day when we did apartment inspections I noticed a few of the missionaries didn't have drinking glasses and when I asked why they didn't tell us they said,"we just thought it was part of the missionary experience". They had been drinking out of jars. They are really good sports about most of the inconveniences they have to deal with here. They just see it all as part of the adventure. I am so grateful for this adventure and the wonderful young missionaries we serve with. Those of you who have left us we think of you often and miss you. Wow I just realized you will be at your mission reunion tonight. Have fun. We love you and miss you.

Love, Elder and Sister Kinghorn

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Annie said...

That is SO interesting. Thanks/thanks. I really enjoyed seeing where you live. I hope you feel, and ARE safe!

Jan said...

Totally awesome Michelle. Thanks for your continued updates on the mission there. It really is fascinating. We across the lands will be united though this weekend as we sustain the brethren and hear the Saviors words. It will be fantastic.

McEwens said...

Melinda, so very interesting how life is over there. Great elders! Greta projects you are all doing! Conference is exciting huh! Cant wait for more!

McEwens said...

Melinda, so very interesting how life is over there. Great elders! Great projects you are all doing! Conference is exciting huh! Cant wait for more!

LisAway said...

Again, ditto on nearly everything. No dryers, microwaves, window screens, very different decorations etc. The decorations can be a bit depressing sometimes with the cheap "lace" and fake flowers, plus, as you mention lots of glass and strange colors of carpeting/ wall paint. It really is a different world. I'm happy that we have been living in Poland long enough to have our home decorated to our taste, although we have very little furniture. At least there are no shot glasses in the living room glass cabinet!! (and no living room glass cabinet, either!! Yay!) When we first moved here we lived in a furnished apartment, and it had all those "lovely" decorations.

dixiewhitehead said...

Thank you so much for keeping us in touch with the culture in Ukraine and life as a missionary. You answered every question I had. I can't help but think how much I'm going to miss you when your mission is over (in about 6-7 months?). You have been a parents dream.

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